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Fire&Smoke Actuator, 24 VAC/DC, 133inlb, 3 position, 2SPDT, 1m Cable
Unit of Measure


Object name


Application Type

N/A Fire and Smoke

Actuator Type

N/A Spring Return


N/A Spring

Minimum Torque

N/A 15 N·m133 lb·in

Control Type

N/A 3 position

Control Input

N/A 3 position

Running Time (Motor)

N/A 75 seconds constant, independent of load

Running Time (Spring)

N/A < 20 seconds

Auxiliary Switch

N/A 2 x SPDT, 2.5 A Inductive at 120/250 V. One fixed at 10º. One adjustable 30º to 90º

Power Supply

N/A 24 VAC ±20%, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC ±10%

Power Consumption

N/A Run 9.5 VA 6.5 W. DC 6 W. Hold 5 VA 3 W DC 3 W

Transformer Sizing

N/A 10 V·A

Electrical Connection

N/A Switches 3 ft, 18 GA, appliance cable

Overload Protection

N/A Electronic throughout 0º to 95º rotation

Shaft Diameter

N/A Rnd 1/2" to 1.05" Sq 1/2"

Angle of Rotation

N/A 20º to 95º, pot adjustable

Direction of Rotation (Fail-Safe)

N/A Reversible with CW/CCW mounting

Position Indication

N/A Visual (0° is spring return position)

Manual Override

N/A 3 mm hex crank


N/A 5 to 95% RH non-condensing

Ambient Temperature

N/A -22 to +122 ºF-30 to +50 ºC

Ambient Temperature (safety for 1/2 hour)

N/A 250 ºF121 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -40 to +176 ºF-40 to +80 ºC

Noise Level

N/A Inaudible holding, running < 45 dB (A) spring < 62 dB (A)


N/A NEMA type 1/IP40 (with flex conduit)

Agency Listing

N/A cULus to UL 873 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 24-93


N/A None

Quality Standards

N/A ISO 9001, 5-year warranty


N/A 5.70 lb2.60 kg


Product Type

N/A Fire and Smoke


N/A For 3-position control of UL555S rated dampers in HVAC. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer's tests. In the absence of other information, use 10 in-lb of torque per square foot of area for opposed blade and 14 in-lb for parallel blade fire and smoke dampers at 1000 fpm air velocity. The FSAF24-BAL is specifically designed to balance the air flow in ducts and simultaneously provide control of fire and smoke dampers. OV= spring closed. 24V on wire 2, not 3 = drive to the potentiometer position (balanced flow). 24V on wire 3, regardless of the status of wire 2 = drive full open (smoke control extraction or pressurization).