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Fire&Smoke Actuator, 120 VAC, 133inlb, 2SPST, 1m Cable
Unit of Measure


Object name


Application Type

N/A Fire and Smoke

Actuator Type

N/A Spring Return


N/A Spring

Minimum Torque

N/A 15 N·m133 lb·in

Control Type

N/A On/Off

Control Input

N/A On/Off

Running Time (Motor)

N/A 75 seconds constant, independent of load

Running Time (Spring)

N/A < 20 seconds

Auxiliary Switch

N/A 2 x SPST, 2.5 A inductive at 120/250 V. One fixed at 10º. One adjustable 30º to 90º

Power Supply

N/A 120 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

N/A Run 9.5W 11VA .1A, Hold 3.5W 6VA .05A

Transformer Sizing

N/A 0 V·A

Electrical Connection

N/A 3 ft, 18 GA, 4 leads appliance cable

Overload Protection

N/A Electronic throughout 0º to 95º rotation

Shaft Diameter

N/A Rnd 1/2" to 1.05" Sq 1/2"

Angle of Rotation

N/A 95° (Limiter available.)

Direction of Rotation (Fail-Safe)

N/A Reversible with CW/CCW mounting

Position Indication

N/A Visual (0° is spring return position)

Manual Override

N/A 3 mm hex crank


N/A 5 to 95% RH non-condensing

Ambient Temperature

N/A -22 to +122 ºF-30 to +50 ºC

Ambient Temperature (safety for 1/2 hour)

N/A 250 ºF121 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -40 to +176 ºF-40 to +80 ºC

Noise Level

N/A Inaudible holding, running < 45 dB (A) spring < 62 dB (A)


N/A NEMA type 1/IP40 (with flex conduit)

Agency Listing

N/A cULus to UL 873 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 24-93


N/A None

Quality Standards

N/A ISO 9001, 5-year warranty


N/A 6.60 lb3.00 kg


Product Type

N/A Fire and Smoke


N/A For two position control of UL555S rated dampers in HVAC. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer's specifications.
The actuator is mounted directly to a damper shaft or jackshaft 3/8" to 1.05" in diameter by means of its universal clamp. A crank arm and mounting brackets are available if the actuator cannot be direct coupled to the jackshaft or damper shaft.
Square footage of damper operated will depend on make and model of damper. Typically 12 sq. ft. minimum up to 24 sq. ft. maximum will be operated for UL555S applications.